How can you optimize an experience if you don’t understand customer behavior?

Whether you're looking to improve conversion, engagement with content, page flow or the entire journey, it all starts with understanding the customer.

Answer strategic questions with the richest set of digital interaction data

Clicktale’s unique behavioral signals and rich data help answer complex, strategic questions about your customers so you can better serve and engage them, foster trust, and drive lifetime value.

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Visualize actual customer behavior to optimize funnel conversion

Stop guessing and determine what your customers see and do throughout your digital properties with session replay and heatmaps. Identify and quantify issues throughout the funnel and dig into the behaviors that are causing visitors to not complete desired actions with conversion analytics.

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Run smarter tests based on behavioral data 

Clicktale helps marketing teams increase win rates by providing visualizations that show actual visitor behavior, ultimately enabling teams to stop guessing on questions such as “Why is variant A better than B?” and “Which test should we run?"

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Surface insights to create seamless digital customer journeys


The rule of digitization says that 80% of what is produced on digital channels doesn’t behave in the way it is expected to. In order to create optimum, frictionless journeys for our customers, we need to understand why. Listen to Giles Richardson, VP Digital Journeys at T-Mobile discuss one example of how to achieve this with Clicktale.

Enrich existing marketing segments

Use behavioral data and experience sensors captured by Clicktale to target users exhibiting specific behaviors. For example, typing speed, hesitation to type, and typing duration are all metrics that can be used to detect cues of deception and fraud, prioritize lead gen scoring, and a host of other innovative use cases.

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The holy grail – improving your customers’ experience while driving conversion & ROI

By better understanding your customers’ digital behavior you can not only optimize pages and journeys which improve their experience but also have a huge impact on your own digital KPIs. Learn from many of our customers who are doing just that with Clicktale:

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