Prioritize, ideate, and run smarter, data-driven tests fueled by behavioral insights

Clicktale’s behavioral data and insight allows experimentation teams to be smarter at all stages of the testing cycle.

Increase testing win rates

Experimentation and testing organizations are ultimately judged by their win rate. All too often, this rate is too low­ ­– primarily due to the fact that testing teams have too little data when making important decisions. Clicktale helps testing teams increase win rates by providing visualizations that show actual visitor behavior, ultimately enabling teams to stop guessing on questions such as “why is variant A better than B?” and “which test should we run?"

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Drive efficiencies and reduce costs

Behavioral insight surfaced by Clicktale visualizations such as heatmaps, session recordings, and dashboards enable excellence at each step of the testing cycle. Seeing actual behavior creates experimentation that transcends guesswork and gut feelings; that’s because prioritization, ideation, hypothesizing, analyzing and time-consuming design and coding become data-driven. The end result is a more efficient, constantly improving testing engine.

Leverage collaborative intelligence for your testing team

Leading enterprises tap into Clicktale’s unique combination of machine learning and leading-edge algorithms with human intelligence, known as collaborative intelligence.

With decades of hands-on testing expertise, Clicktale customer success managers rapidly become an extension of testing organizations and deliver significant value throughout the cycle, from ideation to analysis and back to ideation.

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 Want to fuel smarter testing programs with rich behavioral insight?

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Get faster insights at every stage of the testing cycle

Take the guesswork out of what affects user behavior by viewing session replays and analyzing heatmaps before initiating a test. Run post-test analyses to uncover how the changes you’ve made impact visitors' interactions. Get faster insights into your entire testing optimization cycle, engineer smarter tests, and deliver substantial results.

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Visualizations help prioritize and optimize testing

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) uses Clicktale to help visualize the results of A/B tests across the organization, reduce the number of tests they are undertaking and focus only on those that have the greatest impact on the customer experience.

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