Do you understand what your data is telling you about your customers?

Clicktale’s behavioral signals and rich data help answer complex, strategic questions about your customers so you can better serve them, foster trust, and drive lifetime value.

Analyze behavioral data in conjunction with other data sets

Visitor data collected by Clicktale is rich with meaning: every gesture and movement can give insight into customers’ intent, persona type, and the overall visitor and brand experience. With over 70 calculated metrics based on millisecond-level data such as hovers, clicks, and pace, you can solve complex business challenges based on customers’ digital interactions.

Build a more complete profile of your customers

Improve loyalty and satisfaction by understanding the steps visitors are willing to take as they fill out forms and browse your digital properties. Add Clicktale’s behavioral data to existing Data Management Platforms or Customer Data Platforms to build a more nuanced understanding of your customers’ behavior, and build experiences that keep customers coming back.

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Create machine learning models to improve customer journeys

Go deeper in your analyses by enriching your Business Intelligence data with additional levels of behavioral insight.  Instantly view replays of real customer sessions by clicking out of any report in the BI platform.


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Enrich existing marketing segments

Use behavioral data and experience sensors captured by Clicktale to target users exhibiting specific behaviors. For example, typing speed, hesitation to type, and typing duration are all metrics that can be used to detect cues of deception and fraud, prioritize lead gen scoring, and a host of other innovative use cases.


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Combining online and offline data sets to drive lifetime value

Spring Venture Group, a distributor of health and life insurance policies, correlated offline user behavior with Clicktale data to increase the accuracy of their sales targeting.

Quote from spring venture: ulimately its about engaging the customer on their own terms, and by combining behavior with the customers channel of choice, we're onto something more powerful.
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