Do you know why your customers
are frustrated?

Uncover why you’re getting specific feedback on your digital properties through advanced integrations with leading Voice of Customer vendors, and quantify the impact on your top line.

Scrutinize and quantify negative feedback

Investigate customer feedback in combination with Clicktale’s data rich heatmaps, funnels, and form analytics. Link session replays with the exact sessions of those who have left feedback, enabling you to quickly contextualize why visitors are saying what they do.

image showing an inestigation GUI panel

Pinpoint website elements causing friction

Expose the “why” behind visitors’ struggle by seeing the full digital journey within pages and across sessions. Share replays with your team to align all stakeholders around your visitors’ actual experiences.

photo of frustrated customer at laptop

See individual customer sessions connected to survey feedback

Enable stakeholders to quickly and easily search and filter results based on forms filled, form type, satisfaction rating, or unique user ID. Surfacing the relevant session offers an immediate, easily accessible way to analyze the cause of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, as well as specific metrics and trends, such as checkout completions or removals, from the cart.

individual customer session report

Capture in-survey behavior and connect to relevant visitors

Track visitors' in-survey experiences, revealing their behaviors, interactions, hesitations and more. Based on visitors' selections within a survey, Clicktale can trigger events, enabling segmentation by visitor ratings and other survey responses.

customer survey captured on screen

Leverage Clicktale with VoC in one unified, trusted platform

Learn more about how you can contexualize VoC feedback with rich behavioral data and visualizations through the Clicktale Experience Cloud.

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Are you looking to join the dots between your customer feedback and digital experience insight?

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Build an in-depth understanding of customers for immediate ROI

Integrating Clicktale’s experience analytics with existing customer feedback and page analytics platforms helped Avis Budget Group identify improvements to the customer experience that resulted in over 100% ROI from the solution within just one month.

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