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to digital experience?

Serious digital organizations don’t go with gut feelings – they use Clicktale to dig beneath traditional analytics so they can truly understand why their customers act as they do.

Understand customer behavior behind digital metrics

Clicktale captures every in-page interaction and micro-gesture at scale, empowering brands to deliver delightful experiences that drive loyalty and conversion. With Clicktale visualizations and dashboards, enterprises gain insight into the visitor behavior that ultimately shapes KPIs and goals. This, in turn, allows them to rapidly replicate triumphs and avoid potential pitfalls.

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Exceed business goals by improving customer experience

Customer experience is key to business success today. It is recognized as the primary differentiator among competitors and as the driving force behind customer retention and advocacy. Clicktale enables leading brands to rapidly craft and hone digital experiences, which consistently leads to enhanced business outcomes.

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Tap into the power of collaborative intelligence

Only Clicktale offers the power of collaborative intelligence, a unique combination of the industry’s leading Experience Analytics platform with a team that has amassed decades of analytics acumen and expertise. Our machine learning algorithms process, surface and visualize behavioral patterns in the data. Our CX experts support you in deriving meaning, identifying unique opportunities and solving complex challenges, with new perspectives.

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Enhance your analytics stack

With two-way integrations, leverage the existing data sets and segments you’ve already set up in your analytics tool to gain deeper insights to visitor usability and in-page behavior. Piggyback on existing events to understand user behavior. Conduct proactive top-down analyses to maximize revenues from different segments. Discover what visitors from marketing campaigns are looking for, and then boost conversion rates for landing pages, forms and shopping carts. From within your analytics interface, get one-click access to session replays and aggregated reports.


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Millions in annual uplift + 75% reduction in time-to-optimization

Home improvement retailer B&Q used a combination of Clicktale's data and human insight to analyze and optimize its digital experience more quickly and accurately than ever before, achieving 75% reduction in time-to-optimization, leading to millions of pounds in annual uplift and rapid ROI on its analytics efficiency.

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