Unparalleled accuracy. Genuine impact.

Leverage high-fidelity, data-rich desktop and mobile heatmaps to gain true insight into user intent. With precise data and side-by-side visualizations of user behavior, contrast multiple views to make proactive, strategic optimizations with high ROI impact.

Mouse Move Heatmap

See what’s leading your customers to success.

Understand which areas or elements on the page are the most interesting and engaging to your users: where they’re looking, which promotions most affect their behavior, and how their entire journey takes shape. With advanced filtering and segmentation, identify how your most successful users are interacting with the page, and compare that with the behavior of those who don’t convert. No matter in which state the page was displayed –a drop-down menu expanded, a pop up window open – you’ll see the “heat” for the precise elements over which the mouse moved or hovered.

Mouse Click / Tap Heatmap

Understand your users and their expectations.

Discover where your users expect to go on their journey. When visitors click or tap a link, they’re expressing intent: perhaps they want to examine a product more closely, read related content, or move to the checkout process.  With deep insights into what they’re aiming for, it’s easy to help them take the next step. See which elements receive many clicks or taps, and if they’re clicking or tapping on something that isn’t a link, maybe it should be.

Attention Heatmap

Find the most valuable assets on your page.

Get a deep understanding of your most valuable real estate and the areas on the page your users find most attractive and engaging. With the knowledge of which content your users care about the most (and what they’re skipping over), you’re only a few steps away from tailoring your content to hold their interest.

Scroll Reach / Exposure

Check the potential of your page.

How far down the page are your users actually scrolling? You might have great call to actions towards the bottom of your page, but if no one’s seeing them, they’re worthless. Find out exactly where your users are losing interest and where you should place the elements that have the most potential.

Link Analytics

Get the backstory on user decisions.

Some people are visual learners, others learn by seeing the numbers. With a data-rich, graphical overlay, understand how every link on the page is performing. Gain a comprehensive, statistical overview of visitors' hovers, clicks, hesitation time, and visit order. Is a particular link being noticed enough, intuitive enough, or are visitors confused and unsure? Understand your users’ decision-making processes to optimize your site for maximum persuasion.

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