Advanced Data Analytics 

Capture every visitor interaction, micro-gesture and attribute across channels. With our proprietary data enrichment process, detect positive and negative experiences, visitor loyalty levels, form friction, conversion vs. struggle paths, lead quality, cues signaling deception and more.

Data Export

Analyze data in conjunction with other data sets

Clicktale’s rich data is captured in millisecond-level hovers, scrolls, clicks/taps, pace, acceleration, and more. We offer 70 types of calculated metrics based on this rich data, enabling data science and other digital teams to enrich existing marketing segments with behavioral signals, create machine learning models, and answer complex, strategic questions. 

Field Analytics

Foster trust between you and your visitors

Every question counts when you ask visitors to provide information on a digital form; it’s a moment of truth, in which you’re asking visitors to sign a contract with your brand. Field Analytics translates visitors’ digital body language into dozens of experience sensors so you can uncover their willingness to share information. Every interaction with every form field is captured.

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