Technology Partners

Uncover deep insights and understand the context of the data you’re getting from your existing marketing ecosystem, including all of your favorite optimization, VoC and analytics tools. Bridge the data sets from every system to gain a comprehensive picture of your enterprise’s digital customer experience.

Web Analytics

Optimize revenue flows by understanding what your numbers are telling you.

With two-way integrations, leverage existing data sets or segments you’ve already set up in your analytics tool to gain deeper insights to visitor usability and in-page behavior. Conduct proactive top-down analyses to maximize revenues from different segments. Discover what visitors from marketing campaigns are looking for, and then boost conversion rates for landing pages, forms and shopping carts. From within your analytics interface, get one-click access to session replays and aggregated reports.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Learn where to start testing and understand the impact of every option.

Take the guesswork out of what affects user behavior by viewing session replays and analyzing heatmaps before initiating a test. Run post-test analyses to uncover how the changes you’ve made impact visitors' interactions. Get faster insights into your entire testing optimization cycle, engineer smarter tests, and deliver substantial results.

Content Management

Foster customer behavior-centric design decisions

Help creative and marketing teams work together by being able to get behavior analytic information during the design phase. With a simple click, designers can launch heatmap information for the content they are working on in order to optimize their design based on customers’ actual behavior and needs.

Voice of Customer

Uncover why you’re getting specific feedback on your site.

Link session replays and event-triggered recordings to gain an in-depth look at the behavior and in-page experience of visitors who voice feedback about your site or services. Pinpoint specific website elements causing user struggle and generate heatmaps based on satisfaction scores. Quickly resolve customer experience problems for both individual users and entire user segments, and leverage the observations to quickly optimize the website experience, reduce maintenance costs and improve online conversions.

Tag Management Solutions

Manage omni-channel data and simplify tag implementation without IT.

Add tags at any point in your website development cycle from a single application, with no impact on performance. Deploy the Clicktale tag without IT assistance or JavaScript programming. Get support for an unlimited number of tags from multiple applications. Gain flexibility in adding and testing new tags, and reduce your reliance on a single supplier.

E-commerce Platforms

Store the exact version of the shopping cart content your user sees

For pages that change with every user, such as shopping carts, store the exact version the user has seen. View the page during playbacks and make strategic, data-driven decisions with a comprehensive picture of the user experience.

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