​Understand, quantify, prioritize and innovate superior digital experiences

Clicktale’s enterprise-class platform and customer experience experts transform millisecond-level behaviors and gestures into meaningful insights, telling the story of what your digital customers see and do on every digital channel.

Bring customer behavior to life

Do you understand the WHY behind your digital analytics? Whether at the individual, segment or crowd level, Clicktale connects metrics to actual customer behavior, combining the power of rich data, machine and human intelligence to deliver better outcomes. Clicktale’s seamless integrations into your wider technology ecosystem give you the most accurate picture of your customers’ experience.

Make more informed, data-driven decisions

Stop guessing and optimize digital experiences with insights gleaned from Clicktale’s data, visualizations, and expertise. Experimentation teams extract and interpret behavioral data to inform hypotheses and create winning testing strategies. Journey managers identify and remediate usability issues affecting in-page experiences to improve conversions. Customer insight teams uncover why they’re getting specific feedback and quantify its impact.

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Surface issues and opportunities affecting digital KPIs

By capturing every visitor interaction, micro-gesture and attribute across desktop, mobile and apps. Clicktale enables brands to align the experiences they deliver with those visitors are seeking. Identify and quantify problematic patterns to help determine optimization priorities. Uncover deviations in crucial KPIs and act on them quickly through a deeper understanding of digital behavior.

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Solve complex digital challenges with the richest behavioral signals ­

Utilize Clicktale’s behavioral signals, data enrichment process and customer experience expertise to answer complex, strategic questions about your customers. Detect positive and negative experiences, visitor loyalty levels, friction, conversion vs. struggle paths, lead quality, cues signaling fraud indicators, and more.

Operationalize Experience Analytics

Maximize your investment in enterprise technology, enhance the power of your wider technology ecosystem and drive fast ROI. Clicktale’s global network of consultants helps embed and scale across your organization through training, usage and adoption initiatives, as well as reporting and analysis, to ensure a single point of truth in understanding digital behavior.

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Trust the company supporting the world’s most sophisticated and secure digital properties

Clicktale’s solution is trusted by global Fortune 500 leaders with the world’s most stringent security and performance requirements. Our robust architecture can automatically and cost-effectively handle large, unpredictable workloads, seasonal traffic growth and immense surges. GDPR, ISO 27001 compliance and regular 3rd-party penetration testing confirm our adherence to the highest standards in information security and privacy policies.

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