Why enterprises choose Clicktale

Clicktale’s enterprise-scale platform and global team of experts have an unmatched reputation for delivering a competitive edge to the world’s leading brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Complete accuracy, no matter how dynamic your site

We deploy patented technology for element addressing, which provides superior accuracy for every state of a webpage. We keep every HTML, even if you have a single version for each user, every time. Other solutions show only the current layout of the page with no historical views, leading to erroneous conclusions.

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Our architecture can handle anything

The Clicktale platform operates on the most complex, secure websites in the world. Our robust architecture can automatically and cost-effectively handle large, unpredictable workloads, seasonal traffic growth and immense traffic surges with ZERO effect on UX or page load times, often managing over 3.7 trillion customer interactions daily.

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Ironclad data security & privacy

Clicktale’s ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance, SOC 2 Type II certification, Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready accreditation and other third-party penetration testing ensures the highest standards and best practices in information security and privacy policies.

Privacy first

Clicktale blocks all personally identifiable information (PII) entered by keystroke from being sent over the wire, including PII that appears in HTML. We work with partners and customers to ensure that they, as data controllers, and Clicktale, as a data processor, are compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which went into effect in May 2018.

Led by a team who support the biggest brands in the world

We are no strangers to operating in complex organizations. In fact, we thrive on it. Our global network of consultants, technical support and account executives help embed and scale across your organization through support, training, usage and adoption initiatives, as well as reporting and analysis, to ensure a single point of truth in understanding digital behavior.

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