Data Science at Clicktale

Leverage Clicktale’s rich data and proprietary enrichment processes to detect positive and negative experiences, visitor loyalty levels, form friction, cues signaling deception and more.

At Clicktale, we understood early on that our data could be leveraged into insights to disrupt the customer experience market. For over a decade, we’ve been the leader in collecting data that is rich with meaning: every interaction, micro-gesture and movement can give deep insights into customers’ intents, persona types, mindsets, decision-making processes and overall visitor/brand experience. This customer data is like panning for gold: you’ll only strike it rich by finding the right nuggets.

Our multidisciplinary data science team is the backbone behind our proprietary data enrichment process, in which we leverage a diverse set of algorithms to create rich analytics, models and insights.

With numerous PhDs and experts in organizational behavior, psychology, physics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and neural networks engineering, data science at Clicktale is charged with taking behavioral blocks, behavioral bias, DNA matching, recursive neural networks, cognitive psychology, organizational behavior, and machine learning models to turn Big Data into actionable business insights.


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