Collaborative intelligence: human and machine

As the market leader in Experience Analytics, we thrive solving complex digital experience challenges. We combine rich data, machine intelligence and crucial human intelligence to deliver better outcomes for you.

Interpret meaning from complex behavior

Our machine learning algorithms process, surface and visualize behavioral patterns in the data. Our CX experts support you in deriving meaning, identifying unique opportunities and solving complex challenges, with new perspectives.

Maximize investment value and faster ROI

Our business-role-based workspaces deliver customized insights, while our team acts as a true extension of yours – helping you quantify, prioritize and innovate superior experiences, FAST.

Operationalize experience analytics

Our global network of consultants helps embed and scale across your organization through training, usage and adoption initiatives, as well as reporting and analysis, to ensure a single point of truth in understanding digital behavior.

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Developing a true partnership to deliver tangible results

Home improvement retailer B&Q has built a strong operational partnership with Clicktale to optimize their digital experience more quickly and accurately than ever before, and create millions of dollars in annual uplift, for rapid ROI.

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