JanSport grows mobile conversions, clickthroughs with Clicktale

When JanSport, one of the world’s leading brands, decided to redesign their mobile website, they knew they had to get it exactly right. Especially when mobile drives over half of the traffic to JanSport.com and 35% of its online revenue.

JanSport was looking to minimize risk and streamline the redesign process, while creating a mobile site that delivered on KPIs. Using Clicktale, JanSport took a deep dive into how customer intent and behavior drove each micro-interaction on their legacy site, and why engagement and conversions for customers on mobile devices were underperforming.

The end result?

  • 21% increase in mobile conversions
  • 700% increase in mobile clickthrough from homepage
  • 8X higher engagement with primary homepage messages
  • Efficient customer-driven redesign process
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