Would you trust your most precious assets to an amateur?

Everyone in digital marketing – particularly people at e-commerce/retail, financial, travel and telco companies – knows that website performance and the security of customer data can make or break the business. When millions of visitors are coming to your site and trusting you with their data every day, you can’t afford to take a gamble. When selecting an Experience Analytics solution, therefore, here are five critical things to check before deciding.

  1. How robust is the solution provider’s architecture? Can it handle large, unpredictable workloads, seasonal traffic-growth or immense surges? Think about how much more traffic an e-commerce vendor gets on Black Friday weekend alone – daily revenues during the holiday season are often 50 to 100 greater than in non-surge periods – and it’s imperative to have a solution that can handle such surges in an automated and cost-effective way. Site stability is critical during these peak times.

  2. Take a “Security First” approach to your customer data. Does the provider have ISO 27001 certification? How secure is your hosting facility? What type of encoding does the provider use, for example? Some vendors use Base64 encoding even though it’s a known security “killer.” There are multitudes of questions to ask your provider before entrusting your post precious asset – your customer data – to it. Ask to conduct a penetration test or audit via a third-party vendor. Make sure the vendor is using secure coding practices and employs SDLC – secure software development lifecycle. Utilizing these security methodologies and practices and getting certification from ISO isn’t enough – the provider must also be dedicated at the highest levels to maintaining internal security policies and enabling strict access control and awareness training. It’s no wonder that over 50 of the world’s largest financial institutions trust Clicktale with their data.

  3. How accurate is the customer experience data you’re getting? In the digital world, inaccurate information isn’t just incomplete; it could lead to faulty conclusions that cause your team to make the wrong decisions. With most websites today using a number of emerging technologies – dynamic content, responsive designs, and single-page applications, to name a few – it’s crucial to find a provider that can give you accurate information, no matter how complex the site.

  4. Will the solution have any effect on site performance? Make sure your customer experience solution has no effect on page load times, and that data sent is done so in a highly compressed manner so as not to inflate networking costs, as well as impact ranking and other SEO factors dependent on site speed.

  5. How is privacy handled? At Clicktale, all PII entered by keystroke is blocked from being sent to our servers. For PII that appears in HTML, we have a number of procedures and algorithms to ensure that data is removed from the HTML prior to being uploaded. Read more about our PII blocking tools.

As a digital marketer, you might think of your website as your “baby” and I’d take the analogy one step further. You certainly wouldn’t trust your actual baby to a nanny who you felt was not 100% dedicated to your child’s safety and well-being. Likewise, as a marketer, you shouldn’t trust your digital “baby” to a provider who isn’t similarly dedicated to your site’s performance and security.

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