What questions would you ask of your data, if you could?

With Visual Editor, now there’s a way

Just as the highest level of charity is to help a person learn a trade so they’ll no longer be dependent on donations, the best thing an experience analytics software vendor can do is to provide easy-to-use tools and features for its customers to gain insights independently.

Clicktale Visual Editor

That’s a high bar to set when every experience analysis is based on events, most of which must be programmed, requiring hundreds of development hours to code every call-to-action click, every mouse hover over an element, and so on. When you’re analyzing a particular flow on your site – a checkout flow, a marketing campaign, or engagement with specific content – to name just a few – all of these require events. Events are the building blocks of both the data your vendor collects, and the visual tools you’re using to conduct the analysis – be they heatmaps, session recordings, in-page pathing analyses, and so on.

In a large enterprise, relying on your IT team to create thousands of events just so you can conduct an analysis is neither practical nor efficient. One of the features that both our in-house customer success managers and our Fortune 500 customers are excited about is Visual Editor, a tool within the Clicktale platform that enables anyone to create their own events. No coding is necessary, freeing IT resources and budget.

Clicktale Visual Editor: Creating an event is simpleCreate events with a few simple clicks

But the benefits of a feature like Visual Editor go far beyond saving IT resources. The greatest advantage? You get sharper, faster insights from your data so you’re ready with answers to any experience-related question your boss or your boss’s boss is worrying about.

One of Clicktale's Customer Success Managers described it this way: “The best thing about it is that it’s immediate. Set up an event before lunch, and by the time you get back the events will have started propagating.”

Having done this myself, I can attest that it’s even faster…go grab a coffee or take a bathroom break, and by the time you get back to your desk, you’ll be seeing the data.

“I want the freedom to ask unlimited questions of my data,” said the head of data science at one of our marquee retail customers. “Because it’s so easy to set up events, I can do it all myself. And from the analyses that I run afterwards, I’m getting a much richer, multi-dimensional view of our customers.”

For the techies reading this post, you might be interested in knowing that Visual Editor uses CSS selector technology. In other words, any element for which you might want to create an event is automatically identified by its CSS selectors. This is extremely useful when you have a repeating element on a page – say, an “add-to-cart” button on a category page, or product thumbnails on a product detail page. Because we’re using CSS selectors, even if the element is moved or replicated at a later point, the event will continue running smoothly. And for the non-techie readers, have no fear: no special knowledge of CSS technology is needed.  

If you need to create an event that fires when a particular page is loaded – for example, to compare logged in versus non-logged in visitors, Visual Editor enables you to do this through a page event. You’d also use a page event to compare different versions of an A/B test.

By now you’re thinking – well, hang on a sec, I’ve already created all these events in my analytics solution, and now I have to recreate them?!? Of course not! The beauty of Visual Editor is that it can piggyback on the events you’ve already set up in Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics. With a few clicks of a button, bring your events straight into Clicktale.

If you’re already using the Clicktale Experience Cloud – our platform for experience innovation – you can integrate your Visual Editor events to track your KPIs in the Experience Center, a personalized workspace. This is a great way to immediately surface all your experience-related issues or opportunities.

Clicktale Visual Editor: CSS WizardThe CSS wizard can set up events for you.

I’ll leave you with a question and a challenge: if you could ask any question of your customer experience data, what would it be? What would your top three questions be?

I challenge you to try out Visual Editor to see how fast you can get the answers to your questions. We all know that keeping pace with the demands of your digital channels is next to impossible…so if there was a way to get faster insights to the business questions that keep you up at night, wouldn’t you do it? Let me know via Twitter: @jzuckermanCT.

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