Webinar: enhance A/B testing with Optimizely and Clicktale

We've spoken about the power of Clicktale and A/B testing quite a few times on this blog; most recently here and here.

If you understand that A/B testing is in part, a guessing game, and if you further appreciate that there is serious $$ value to be made by reducing that guesswork with clear observations of how customer behave, then tomorrow's webinar is a must-watch for you:

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Thursday July 10th, 12:00-12:30PM EDT/4:00-4:30PM GMT

Join Jessica Braman, Customer Experience Consultant at Clicktale and Ryan Lillis, Optimization Strategist at Optimizely as they discuss integrating Clicktale and Optimizely and how this helped Forbes remove the guesswork from their A/B testing.

During the webinar you will learn how to:

  • Leverage Clicktale and Optimizely integration to deliver superior digital customer experience.
  • Prioritize your A/B testing hypotheses according to value and urgency.
  • Get conclusive results from your A/B testing.
  • Compare and understand why different versions work better.
  • Quickly identify and resolve areas of customer struggle on your website

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