Want to increase retail sales? Up your filtering game!

For large online retailers, the burning question is rarely whether they have the products that customers want but rather how quickly customers can discover that they have them.

On most e-commerce websites, visitors are faced with hundreds of products, and while it’s fun to view the selection at first, it quickly becomes overbearing. Particularly for mobile customers, who browse on the go on a small screen. In the face of unlimited selection, it is paradoxically more difficult to make a decision, and the cognitive effort needed to proceed in the purchase funnel becomes too big, and customers just drop-off.

One way to mitigate this counter-converting cascade is to use filters. Filters help customers view only products that match their interests, such as red running shoes or green pants in a specific size.

Even customers who arrive at a site knowing just what they want and are ready to buy, can be confused by too many choices. With hundreds of items stocked in each product category, filters are an excellent way to narrow the choices to a manageable amount.

Clicktale psychologists and customer experience consultants found that shoppers who used filters were 35% more likely to progress through the funnel to product detail pages. However, as low as 2% of mobile customers on leading e-commerce sites use filters, and their experience was filled with usability roadblocks. This leaves too many customers overwhelmed by the choices, and they simply change their plans and click off the site.

For choice-battered shoppers as well as the online retailers who are trying to serve them, optimizing the filtering experience can be the answer. But today, most researched e-commerce websites provide a sub-par experience of filtering, that directly correlates with decrease in conversion.

Want to learn how upping your filtering game can save your visitors from decision fatigue and increase conversions? You’re in luck!
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