UX optimization webinar: are your forms performing?

Whether a checkout, a contact us, or a download, online forms are a large part of e-business success. However, if an online form is not meeting the needs or expectations of your visitors, converting customers becomes that much harder. Understanding where and why your visitors encounter trouble is the first step to form optimization.

Form Analytics is an essential tool that lets you learn and zoom in on exactly this. Clicktale's own Form Analytics suite is dedicated entirely to helping you see exactly how to optimize your online forms and avoid visitor stumbling blocks.

Clicktale is hosting a FREE webinar* dedicated entirely to showing you exactly what can be done with the powerful data your visitors are providing you. Learn what simple improvements can be implemented in your form redesigns that can have a huge impact on your bottom-line. This will take place on:

Thursday, July 14th @ 11am EST

To Register, Click HERE*

We will feature a special guest speaker, Peter Tyler of Freestyle Accounting that will share how he was able to achieve his own form optimization using Clicktale.

Remember, space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

We are looking forward :-)

*This webinar is not available anymore but you can learn more about Clicktale's conversion funnel optimization.

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