Using digital customer experience to monetize your web analytics segments (webinar)

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When? Tuesday September 9th, 11:00-11:35AM CST/5:00-5:35PM UK

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In this 35 minute webinar Adam Greco (Adobe Analytics expert), Siping Roussin (Lenovo) and Joseph Fuerst (Clicktale) discuss and explain:

  • How Lenovo used Clicktale and Adobe Analytics to provide actionable insights into their most valuable target audience segments
  • How purchasers and non-purchasers experience a website differently
  • How to determine which actions lead to purchase and why failure occurs for non-purchasers
  • What elements to emphasize in order to create conversion success and what elements to eliminate to prevent bounce

Why You Should Attend this Webinar:

In this recent blog post we highlighted one of the most pressing issues facing online marketing today; that they simply don't know enough about the vast majority of visitors that leave their websites without converting.

Web analytics, while essential, is not giving the answers or the insights into why visitors leave or why they may have a negative online experience.

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Enter the Lenovo User Case!

Lenovo is one company that is managing to solve this problem effectively. Using advanced user visualization tracking technology they are able to quickly identify where customers may have negative experiences and then alleviate them simply and quickly.

In the image below you can see the Lenovo homepage - with Clicktale's Side-by-Side Heatmap superimposed to show where customers are engaging most. Along with the Adobe Analytics integration, the marketing gurus at Lenovo were able to compare the page experience for purchasers (the left hand heat-map) vs. non-purchasers (the right hand heat map).

By understanding what factors of the web page encouraged engagement, Lenovo were able to significantly increase their page optimization and generate more online revenue.

The bottom line? This webinar is for you if you want to better understand what really generates web conversion!

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