The Clicktale Experience Cloud: A game-changer for Experience Analytics

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for at Clicktale for the last several months! Every part of the organization – product and R&D, sales, marketing, customer success and more – have been hard at work to launch the Clicktale Experience Cloud to help businesses answer questions about their customers. The world’s first digital experience cloud, our vision is to provide our customers with all the data and actionable insights they need to innovate superior experiences, based on Clicktale’s unique, rich behavioral data.

On a daily basis, Clicktale collects trillions of millisecond-level customer interactions – hovers, scrolls, pinches, to name a few – as well as parameters such as pace and acceleration, to interpret digital body language. Just as cells are the structural and functional units of all living matter, these unique data points form the basis of everything Clicktale can tell you about your customer experience.

We’ve taken the richest customer data and combined it with machine learning, data science, advanced cognitive computing and applied psychological research, to help our customers understand, quantify, prioritize and act to improve their customers’ digital lives. Some of the new capabilities include:

  • Capture of up to 100% of user experiences across web, mobile web and mobile apps
  • Experience Center with real-time views of experience-related KPIs from one focal point and visitor segment drill-downs
  • Psychological Analytics, enabling businesses to understand intent of customer actions

There are so many new and exciting capabilities within the Clicktale Experience Cloud that it’s hard to pick what to write about in a short blog post. I’ll focus on the Experience Center few for this post and stay tuned for more to come.

We’ve heard from a number of our customers who have had early access to the Clicktale Experience Cloud that they view the Experience Center as their “homepage” because it automatically surfaces any experience-related issues or opportunities that are affecting KPIs. And no matter what my role in the organization – whether I’m an executive, a line of business manager, a merchandiser, a data scientist, an analyst or a UX professional – I can configure the Experience Center to view all my most important digital KPIs.

For example, if I’m a woman’s clothing line product manager, I might configure my Experience Center to show my home page, a category page, a product details page, the cart page and the checkout page – in other words, all of the main metrics I need to see to know if there is a problem.

In the words of one of our customers, the web analytics manager for a leading lifestyle brand, who has already benefited from insights derived from the Experience Center, “The Experience Center gives me everything I care about on one screen. It allows me to quickly prioritize where I need to focus my attention, and helps bring to light interesting behaviors or patterns so we can give our customers the best possible experience on our site.”

From the Experience Center, I can drill down into any of the metrics or pages for a deeper dive into any metric. I can check out my add-to-carts from the product details page, and see, perhaps, if there is a particular segment that’s causing my conversions to plummet, or if there are outliers that are helping my KPIs. I can investigate how experiences are affecting my KPIs over time.

From anywhere in the Experience Center I can click on the best-in-class user experience visualizations that Clicktale has always been known for, such as heatmaps and session replays.

Capture up to 100% of user experiences across web, mobile web and mobile apps

One important note, which I’ll expand on in a future post: The Clicktale Experience Cloud isn’t just Clicktale’s next-generation product. Our architecture can handle anything. The product and R&D teams have completely overhauled the architecture and technology stack upon which the Clicktale Experience Cloud is based. The result is that the Clicktale Experience Cloud is able to process 3.7 trillion desktop, mobile and app interactions daily. We can handle unpredictable workloads, seasonal traffic-growth and immense surges in an automated and cost-effective way, which is one of the reasons we’re trusted by some of the world’s most heavily trafficked sites.

Learn more about the Clicktale Experience Cloud here.

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