Quick tips to put your customers in the driver's seat

May marketing madness online strategy week, post #10

Customers come first, right? Right. So all decisions made on your website are to please them, suit their needs, and answer their questions. As we have learned from previous posts in this series, converting customers is about giving them control over their individual web experiences.

Here are a few ways to put your customers in the driver's seat and strengthen your business.

Search Box AND Navigation Menu

Let your visitors decide how they would like to browse your site. Some know exactly what to type into the search box while others need to be given a menu bar as a frame of reference. First time visitors might not know what you have to offer while returning visitors with an item in mind want to get straight to business.

Product Number View

Allow customers to choose how many products they would like to appear on a page at a time. Whether they are scrollers or non scrollers, iPad or 24" inch screen users, each customer profile wants to be able to view your product pages differently. It's a small gesture that can go a long way.

Quick View

Online shopping is popular amongst those who don’t have the time of day to spend browsing a brick and mortar shop. So always assume your customers' time is of the essence. Giving visitors the option to hover and "quick view" a product they are interested in can save them a few pages of loading time.

Currency Options

If your website caters to a significant amount of international customers, having products or purchase totals available in their native currencies could ensure foreign customers of their purchase amounts, as well as prevent them from searching for the conversion amount elsewhere.

Flexible Payment Methods

Try not to limit the payment options of your customers. If they make it to the checkout page, these customers are serious about making their purchase and should be given a fair amount of freedom as to how they would like to pay.

In the Driver's Seat

These are just a few ways to make your customers feel in control on your website. As long as you continue to analyze the way your visitors engage and behave on your webpages, you will know how to better design and cater your site to their needs.

This post is one out of Clicktale's month long May Marketing Madness series. Each of our daily posts will highlight and explain today's best practices, useful tips and smart tools to measure and improve your online business performance. This week's theme is online strategy. Make sure to stay tuned in for more!

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