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Guest Post by Duff Anderson, SVP iPerceptions

Imagine you see a spike in cart abandonment and start watching visitor browser sessions to better understand the reasons why.

Good. But what if you could then prioritize the top reasons for cart abandonment and just watch those sessions in context with the specific feedback provided by your web visitors?

Or what if you could contextualize each session you watch with the actual intent of the visitor? This is what iPerceptions and Clicktale have teamed up to create, an integrated solution that gives marketers a holistic view of the customer experience by combining the voice of your customer with their digital customer experience.

A method for zooming in on what’s important

By combining iPerceptions and Clicktale insights you can guide and focus your efforts using representative feedback left by your customers. For example, you can segment your Clicktale session recordings to focus just on the visitors who rated your site experience as below 3 out of 10. This allows you to focus on customers that had a poor experience - and then with Clicktale, replay the sessions, to better understand what the customer went through that led to that poor experience.

Get inside your customer’s mind

Sometimes you might watch a visitor’s session and wonder what what was the intent of the visitor. Was he or she on your site to buy or just to browse? One of the main advantages of adding customer feedback to your session analysis is the ability to know exactly what the visitor was thinking while on your site. For each session you can add additional datapoints such as next steps, visitor intent and verbatim from open-ended questions. This provides critical context to help better understand the needs and wants of your visitors.

ClickTale iPerception integration

So how does the integration work?

The integration starts with engaging your visitors in the moment of truth using an iPerceptions representative survey to collect qualitative customer insights such as visitor intent, needs, and experiences.

When a visitor accepts an iPerceptions on-arrival survey invitation this automatically triggers a Clicktale Session Playback recording meaning that all your customer feedback will have an associated Clicktale session recording.

Then within the iPerceptions Active Research SaaS Platform you can analyze your results with advanced reporting, benchmarking, and segment your insights to pinpoint certain groups to prioritize which sessions to watch. This gives you the power to deep dive into the customer experience and extract the maximum insights from every visitor.

Deeper understanding of the customer experience

The new iPerceptions Clicktale integration is a powerful solution that gives an in-depth understanding of the online behavior and in-page experience of visitors who have voiced feedback about your website.

Now you can better utilize your resources by quickly identifying the right sessions to focus on and then align them to your business objectives to rapidly get the insights you need to more effectively optimize the website experience, reduce maintenance costs and improve online conversion.

To learn more about the Clicktale and iPerceptions integration read the Press Release.


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