New Clicktale conversion funnel optimization product launches for 2011

Website optimization just got even easier and more exciting with Clicktale's new products release for the New Year. Our simple yet sophisticated In-Page Analytics Suite will have online businesses making good on their New Year's Resolutions this excuses necessary!

Featured New Conversion Funnel Optimization Products

Form Analytics Drill-Down beta

Stop wasting unnecessary time to optimize your website! Get bottom-line answers that instantly communicate where and what's not right with your web forms and implement conversion funnel optimization.
The new Clicktale Form Analytics Drill-Down identifies and reveals the weakest fields of your web form. Discover which fields take too long to fill, are most frequently left blank, and cause your visitors to leave.


We know the aim of any web form is to appear as simple and easy to complete as possible. However, your visitors often do not interpret and engage with your forms as originally intended.

Instantly see which web form fields to focus in on from your conversion reports. Sit back and watch as the mouse movements and keystrokes of your visitors tell you everything you need to know.

Conversion Funnel Segmentation

It's easy to understand how different visitors use and navigate through your site when you employ the right web analytics and conversion funnel optimization tools

Clicktale's newly envisioned Conversion Funnel Segmentation easily filters, segments and displays a side by side comparison of the variation in your visitors' online browsing behavior. Get the big picture and see up to three separate segments of the same parameter of your visitors.


Evaluate the way in which different visitor groups succeed or fail to convert.

Use Clicktale's popular search filters to compare:

  • Visitors of different screen sizes and fold heights
  • Visitors from different locations and who speak different languages
  • Existing customers vs. first time visitors
  • Converted customers vs. abandoned visitors
  • Organic Search Engine generated traffic vs. a paid search, email, or any other campaign traffic
  • And many more

Page Console

Give your web pages the attention they deserve quickly and easily. Simply enter the URL of the webpage you wish to analyze and instantly access a wide range of traffic trends and user statistics to improve your webpage usability.



  • Learn about the bounce rate, errors, clicks, engagement time inside the page, scroll reach percentage, and much more!
  • Drill down to watch and understand why visitors bounce!
  • Watch video session playback of your Most Recent Visitors to test any usability improvements you make.
  • Open any or all of Clicktale's visual Heatmaps to see how visitors are engaging with your site.
  • Find out which Previous Pages your visitors came from and the Next Pages they navigate to.

Identify and improve critical pages of your conversion processes, implement conversion funnel optimization and increase your ROI!

Page Player


Don't know which video session playbacks you should be watching? Clicktale's Page Player lets you dedicate your attention to specific pages you need to be tracking. Click on the page player button when you want to zoom in on all visitors on a particular web page.

View the entire browsing session of particular visitors to learn how they arrive at that specific page and where they navigate to next.

More to come!

Clicktale's web analytics features for 2011 are part of our constant effort to help online businesses improve usability for a global community of online users. Over the next 12 months we are planning to launch several new ground-breaking products that will revolutionize the way we look at web analytics.

Get to know your visitors like never before! Sign up to Clicktale today to improve your website, increase your conversion rates, minimize your site abandonment and maximize your online profits.

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