My WOW findings with Clicktale

Guest Post by Igor Soshkin, CEO,

You cannot think of Clicktale as another cool feature that is available for your online business. It is mandatory service for every ecommerce site and if you don't take advantage of it, you may be losing thousands of dollars annually.

My name is Igor Soshkin and I am the CEO of ShoppingCartElite, our company offers a very advanced and sophisticated ecommerce shopping cart platform, and I'm here to talk a little bit about our experiences with Clicktale.

Some entrepreneurs might think that using Clicktale is a one-time optimization job, but in reality Clicktale can and should be used every single day to monitor your visitors' interactions with your website.


  • To optimize visitor behaviour on the template level of the website. This task is usually done by designers and developers working together.
  • We research the template to enhance the experience of the visitor, so the visitor can have an easy time getting from point A to point B.
  • We also enhance the call to action on each web page, so the visitor does exactly what we want to them to do.

Imagine Clicktale as being the cameras that you would install if you had a physical store front location. You can set up the cameras in a one-off test to figure out if visitors are able to get from point A to point B. But in order to see if your visitors enjoy browsing your store, you would really need to monitor those cameras on a daily basis.


I already mentioned that Clicktale can be used to optimize your website template, but it can also be used for marketing optimization. You are able to monitor your visitors' behaviour, identify visitor trends, optimize your products, prices and graphics to have your visitors do exactly what you want them to do.

Here are some examples of problems our customers find and fix daily using Clicktale:

  • Product prices may be too high or not high enough
  • Visitors may be having problems finding the right products
  • Visitors may not be finding what they are looking for
  • The product sales copy may not be convincing enough
  • Visitors may be missing certain goals that you set for them
  • Your website graphics may not be meeting the theme that your visitor expects
  • You may have too many calls to action on a specific webpage

If you had a restaurant, wouldn't you want to see if your customers are enjoying their meal? If you had a clothing store, wouldn't it be nice to look at the facial expressions of your visitors once they look at the price tag of a specific product? This is what Clicktale can do for your online store. It can give you those Cameras on your website to monitor your visitors' every step. By using Clicktale you will be able to understand if your visitors like your website or not.

If you want this task done for you, then a simple solution would be to sign up with Shopping Cart Elite. Unlike other hosted ecommerce platforms, we optimize all our clients' website templates using Clicktale. Since this is a never ending task, we are constantly improving the templates to enhance the visitor experience and help our clients gain higher conversions on their websites.

We strongly encourage our clients to have Clicktale recording all the time, especially if they are constantly adding new products. Every time a new product is added, you should monitor it with Clicktale to optimize the conversion rate for that product. Signing up for 1 year of Clicktale subscription will give you the assurance that you can't screw up your website, because you are always overlooking your visitors and making sure they are satisfied with their experience on your website.

Igor Soshkin is the CEO and co-founder of ShoppingCartElite, the most sophisticated shopping cart platform on the market today. Find out more at

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