How to remove the blindfold from A/B testing: Clicktale & Adobe analytics integration

Adobe Analytics Clicktale Integration

Picture this. You're challenged to a game of darts and shown a dartboard. The only problem is you're blindfolded and asked to hit the bullseye! That's exactly what it can be like trying to validate a website optimization hypothesis using A/B testing.

But don't take our word for it. Just ask Jeffrey Franzetti, Senior Consultant for Interactive Marketing at Windstream, a Fortune 500 company with over $6 billion in annual revenues.

How to Optimize Customer Experience

In this 20 minute webinar, Jeffrey and Simon Harris, Business Development Manager for Clicktale, explain how integrating Adobe Analytics and Clicktale can turn a website into a powerful customer experience tool and revenue-generator. 

In the webinar snippet below, listen as Simon compares the challenge of creating an optimal digital customer experience to managing a ski resort!

Hear the full Adobe Analytics & Clicktale Integration webinar.

(For further information on this and other Clicktale integrations, go to: Clicktale Integrations).


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