How to create best-in-class landing pages

Guest Post by Jana Fung,

Whether you’re going through a site re-design or just creating a new landing page for an ad campaign, this tutorial will give you actionable insights for best-in-class landing pages. You’ll learn:

• How to identify best performing landing pages
• How to optimize your landing pages with usability metrics

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How to Identify Best Performing Landing Pages

To identify best performing landing pages in your industry, you’ll need to conduct extensive research: locating and analyzing similar industry websites and landing pages, similar to your message and marketing goals.

Here’s how to use MixRank Professional for easy landing page research:

1. Search for a keyword or competitor in the search bar.
2. Click on an ad to generate the ad report. On the left hand side, you’ll see “Destinations” (photo below).

3. Within the text ad or banner report, view all of the landing pages that similar marketers are testing. MixRank’s data shows the last date the landing page was associated with a campaign under “Last Seen”.

4. If you notice a particular landing page is no longer being run, identify the differences between the current landing page and the old landing page. Maybe one has a video and one doesn’t. Maybe one has audio and one doesn’t.

If the marketer stopped using a particular landing page that was being tested, this tells you that the landing page didn’t perform as well, giving you powerful insights about the best performing landing pages within the industry.

5. You can now replicate the same strategies for your own landing pages.

How to Optimize your Landing Pages with Usability Metrics

After you’ve created your landing page(s) as detailed above, it is good practice to analyze how visitors engage with the content and design generated. Using ClickTale, you are given a wide range of usability tools, features and metrics to understand your own visitors’ online behavior.


Clicktale has four different types of heatmaps that will help you understand which areas of your page are most valuable, what content visitors find the most interesting, and how far down the page visitors are willing to scroll before leaving. With this data, you learn where to place your valuable content on your landing pages so that visitors pay attention and stick around for more.

Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel allows you to see and understand the reasons behind your conversion rate. Using the drill-down feature, you are able to click “Watch” and view recordings of users who reached a specific step of the conversion process. Visualize exactly where and how visitors are struggling or succeeding on your landing pages, and optimize accordingly. No guessing needed.

Visitor Recordings by Landing Page

View visitor recordings that show you how long a customer engaged with your web pages and follow their click-path. You can sort your recordings by specific user groups. For example, you can search only for those users who visited multiple pages or just the recent landing page you created.

Make adjustments to your landing page according to what you discover. For example, if users are ignoring the “Request a Demo” button on the landing page, consider changing the color, size or location of the button.

Continue reading in our blog post about page analytics for further understanding of the in-page tools you can use to analyze performance.

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