How to bring your A-Game to financial services sites

The era of the personal connection with your bank, when you brought Christmas gifts to your favorite teller or your bank manager, is over. We live in a time where the brick and mortar bank branch is just one of several touchpoints customers have with financial institutions – today, 65% of customers interact with their banks through multiple channels. Creating digital experiences that exceed customers’ expectations and are pleasurable and meaningful has become a must in gaining competitive advantages in the financial services space.

Unlike ecommerce sites that target specific demographics, financial services sites must serve all generations – from Millennials to Gen Xers to Baby Boomers. Getting the digital financial services experience right is a do-or-die challenge for banks and insurance companies. It’s part of a strategic banking shift that aims to create a superior online experience and build trust, while removing the fear and confusion of an often-intimidating environment.

A satisfying customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. You need the right strategies to help customers reach their digital banking goals.

1. Introduce simple tools: Let’s face it, people are just not good at making financial decisions. They procrastinate, they are put off by having to sift through complex information, they regard the end-result as distant and ambiguous. So, keep the site simple, use less text and more graphics, make it personal, relevant and responsive.

2. Set expectations: Customers will feel more at ease when they know how long the process will take them. Provide clickable breadcrumbs so they know where they are on their journey. A long process is not necessarily a negative one if the customer is comfortable, confident and knows where they are.

3. Simplify and personalize the homepage: If your new prospects don’t know where to go or what to do when they come to the site, you could lose them. Make it clear where prospects need to go and where customers need to go. Funnel prospects to the next step and make it easy for them to get there.

4. Make search easy: Visitors aren’t familiar with financial services sites, which vary in structure. They don’t usually look beyond a small number of search results, so the site needs a robust search function that can anticipate visitor interests and present what they are looking for right up top.


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