How marketing immaturity nearly killed customer experience

Is marketing immaturity killing your customer experience?

In our previous post (Is Your Digital Customer Experience as Good as You Think?) we presented the disconnect between how well companies imagined they deliver 'customer experience' (moderately good) and how well their customers really experienced it (moderately poor).

We must all recognize the fact that there is a significant 'gap' between the business goals of a customer-centric enterprise (to provide an innovative, excellent customer experience) and what the customer actually experiences.

To stay ahead in the coming years then, companies need to better analyze how their customers really feel and act and then find ways to tie this knowledge into the existing optimization and analysis tools in the enterprise, a process of  'marketing maturity'.

This is particularly pertinent for a company's online, or 'digital' channels.

Why Developing a Digital Customer Experience Strategy is Now Urgent:

The Digital Customer Experience Gap

First, digital channels are a major (growing) source of influence on the final purchase decision of the customer (over 50% for US retail sales).

Second, visitors expect a seamless experience across desktop, tablet and smartphone. Any deviation from this will cost companies big in terms of reputation and sales.

Third, the most successful websites are already pulling away from the pack. According to a study presented by John Mellor, Adobe VP for Strategy and Business Development, the top retail and media websites in Europe are today delivering a Digital Customer Experience that's twice as good as the average for their region and industry.

And that gap will continue to grow and kill enterprises unless two things happen:

1. Enterprises must start thinking about marketing maturity

Some companies have already figured out how to connect the dots across multiple platforms and silos so that they now punch above their marketing weight. But only some.

There are many, many elements involved in developing a winning customer experience. Teams need to be assembled across the organization to deliver, among others; web development, mobile platform delivery, content optimization (both written and visual), content distribution (social media), email marketing, content targeting (personalization), experience measurement (analytics) and optimization (A/B testing, voice of customer etc.).

When all of these work together you have the beginnings of marketing maturity. But it will take something more to close the gaps between the average and the very best Digital Customer Experience providers:

2. Enterprises must tie their optimization tools together using visual insights

Closing the Digital Customer Experience Gap

More than anything, a mature marketing enterprise knows how to pull together and enrich the various optimization and customer analytics tools at their disposal to drive the whole ship forward. It's no longer just about implementing Google analytics, or A/B testing, or voice of customer.

It's about reaching over the gap that exists between enterprise and customer to capture visual insights into how people really interact with your site. By experiencing your website through your customers' eyes you can begin to take the guesswork out of the optimization process, get more value from your optimization and analytics tools and raise the entire customer experience to the next level.

Dedicated Digital Customer Experience technology, including heatmap and mouse tracking software provides an insider-view of users' online interactions, pulls together the entire marketing ecosystem and allows the enterprise to start punching above its weight.

We'll begin to show exactly how this is done in our up-coming blog posts...stay tuned!



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