How Clicktale is working with Adobe on the future of tag management

In the last two decades managing tags has become increasingly more complicated while simultaneously more business critical. Ten years ago, the average ecommerce site had just two marketing technologies deployed on it. Today, the average is over 20. And these 20 different technologies are often intertwined and dependent on one another.

At Adobe, we realized that traditional tag management solutions simply weren’t doing a great job of unifying all of them, and this caused real pain for marketers, who need all of them to do their jobs.

Reduced deployment times

One of the main challenges was a lack of control, which led to long deployment cycles. For example, when a tag manager built an integration with Clicktale, even though Clicktale provided the necessary code, the person responsible for actually building the integration was employed by a tag management company, and therefore not an expert in Clicktale technology. Inevitably this lengthened and confused deployment cycles. This is what we wanted to change, which is why we created Adobe Cloud Platform Launch.

Launch by Adobe lets partners build their own integrations – giving the technology experts the power to integrate and innovate. The offering takes Adobe’s tag management expertise and extends it to partners like Clicktale. By sharing the responsibility of making the solution work, we can make sure that marketers win today and tomorrow.

Enhanced data mapping

Clicktale’s integration with Launch by Adobe enhances the mapping of data elements with a view similar to the Clicktale Visual Editor, Clicktale’s code-free environment to set up events within the Clicktale Experience Cloud. By incorporating this Visual Editor-like view into Launch by Adobe, digital marketers can achieve advanced mapping via a familiar and intuitive interface. Clicktale customers will not only have an easy transition as they leverage Launch by Adobe to set Clicktale events, but also benefit from another avenue to digital experience insights from their Clicktale data.

As part of Clicktale and Adobe’s ongoing collaboration, Launch by Adobe also incorporates a feature that will allow customers and partners to access Clicktale’s insights from within a data layer using Launch by Adobe data elements. This provides a convenient mechanism to augment complementary applications, such as marketing automation, voice of customer or any other system benefiting from browser data collection, with Clicktale data and insights.

Adobe and Clicktale have worked closely together for a long time. Joint customers can extend their Adobe Experience Cloud capabilities by incorporating Clicktale’s experience analytics insights. By bringing both datasets together, marketers can get the complete story and a true understanding of their customers.

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