Get your online stores prepared for holiday shopping

We all know what a good store manager looks like. Their key task is to adjust the in-store experience to fit their customers’ needs. They might clear the aisles, offer direction, move stock around and open more registers to meet demand.

But gaining this same advantage online has been a long-time challenge.

In its 2016 e-commerce predictions, Internet Retailer forecasts that “the divide between digital and bricks-and-mortar stores will continue to crumble”, meaning that online shopping will begin to “feel” more like the in-store experience. With increased focus on omnichannel, there will be less of a distinction and more of an expectation by customers for a seamless shopping experience on all platforms.

So knowing this, how can digital retailers adjust the online shopping experience, in real time, just like a store manager does? Especially with the onset of the holiday season just around the corner? It’s a topic that will be discussed in depth by Michael Klein, Director of Industry Strategy & Marketing, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Geoff Galat, CMO, Clicktale in their upcoming webinar Deck The Aisles: Preparing Your Online Stores for Holiday Shopping. In their latest joint webinar, Clicktale and Adobe are coming together to show eCommerce organizations how to read the “digital body language” of customers and optimize their holiday shopping experience—and resulting sales. They’ll discuss how to improve digital retail business, regardless of existing tools, and how together they can give digital retailers the ability to understand which “digital aisles” are confusing to customers, which digital experiences are sparking customer interest and what the visitors’ digital body language is in order to optimize holiday sales.

The insights that will be revealed will help you set up your digital retail business for holiday success, and monitor and adjust the online shopping experience in real-time.

It’s a topic that’s close to the hearts of both our colleagues at Adobe Marketing Cloud and ourselves at Clicktale. For years, Clicktale and Adobe have collaborated as partners to deliver value to mutual customers and the market at large. Clicktale was named as one of the charter premier members of the Adobe Exchange partner program, and was named earlier in 2016 as the Marketing Cloud Innovation Partner of the year. Together Adobe and Clicktale have an alignment in joint thought leadership efforts focused on benefiting our customers, so it’s exciting to once more share the same stage to offer this upcoming Webinar: “Deck the Aisles: Preparing Your Online Stores for Holiday Shopping”. Don’t hesitate to reserve your space now!

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