Get big conversion results from small website changes

If you know exactly how visitors are interacting within the pages of your website then you can take your optimization efforts to a whole new level. Suddenly you will discover small elements that you never thought could impact your conversion so badly:

- The positioning of a promotional banner that's hiding your call to action.

- The form field that's discouraging people from checking out.  

- The poorly-worded instructions that cause customer frustration. 

The list of potential website pain-points are many and varied according to the industry and specific conversion goals of the digital channel. But in every case, if left undiscovered, such optimization issues can be fatal to the long-term success of an online business.

This infographic explains how Clicktale uses real customer insights to provide marketing with a deep understanding of how visitors experience your site. And from that - a clear indication of why your conversion may be lower than it should. Without such a granular view you are limited to the 'what', 'where' and 'who', which, while important (and provided by regular analytics tools), does not answer the vital 'experience-level' questions that you need to create optimal customer experience and meaningful conversion uplift.

Learn more about conversion funnel analysis in this blog post and learn more about Clicktale's conversion analytics and optimization here.

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