Freestyle Accounting UX Optimization - a case study


Freestyle Accounting is an industry leading firm of contractor accountants providing accountancy and tax planning service to UK contractors, freelancers and consultants. Their comprehensive limited company accountancy service includes everything a contractor needs from initial company formation, business bank account setup and PAYE/ VAT registration, right through to quarterly VAT returns and annual accounts preparation, personal tax return, professional indemnity insurance, plus unlimited IR35 contract reviews and tax advice. The service is offered to contractors and freelancers throughout the United Kingdom, with offices based in Coventry and London.

Objective of Website

The main objective of the Freestyle Accounting website is to provide information on the company's services and to persuade visitors to engage by completing their online enquiry form used as leads for its sales team.


Freestyle Accounting was using Google Website Optimizer to run split usability testing on its webpages. However, it was still not able to explain why visitors were abandoning its homepage or failing to complete the enquiry form. It needed to understand what visitors were doing inside the webpages.


Freestyle decided to use Clicktale to discover why a large number of visitors were abandoning its homepage and its form conversion funnel.

These are the tools Freestyle used and what it discovered using each one.

Visitor Recordings

The original homepage contained a lot of text and numerous calls to action. After watching the visitor recordings and actually seeing where visitors were moving, clicking and scrolling with their mouse, the Freestyle team realized that visitors were confused and not sure where to navigate to next, causing visitor abandonment of the site. Its page content needed to be restructured to create a clearer navigational flow.

Previous Freestyle Homepage

Mouse Move and Click Heatmaps

These heatmaps revealed what content on the page visitors were paying attention to, how they used webpage elements and their placement on the page. Freestyle saw which areas of the page were engaging visitors and how far down below the fold visitors were willing to scroll for information.

Using Clicktale In-page analytics software for only 2.5 months, the accountancy firm underwent a homepage redesign, incorporating data discovered while using Visitor Recordings and Heatmaps.

After Re-design of Freestyle Homepage

The homepage now contains significantly less content on the page, clearer separation between content categories and less, but more prominent, calls to action. Visitors now have an easier time navigating through to additional webpages on the site.

Prior to re-designing the homepage, its conversion rate was only 1.1% from the homepage. Following the re-design based on Clicktale feedback, the firm experienced a dramatic increase to 3.7% - a massive 236% improvement!

In addition to the homepage, Freestyle Accounting also needed to work on its enquiry form to increase its overall conversion rate.

Original Enquiry Form

Form Analytics

This Clicktale tool provided some great insight into where the user was either having difficulty or did not want to provide certain pieces of information. It was clear that the amount of fields on the form were either intimidating potential customers, or preventing them from submitting the form.

From this Form Analytics data, Freestyle considerably reduced the amount of form fields and indicated which fields were required to fill. Following the redesign, Freestyle saw an improvement of 1.6% on the conversion rate from 20.7% to 22.3%.

Enquiry Form After Redesign

You don't realize how essential Clicktale's insightful, high-level data is for website optimization until you start using it on your own site. We were impressed with what a huge difference it made in such a short span of time.

Freestyle Accounting plans to continue using Clicktale to further develop existing pages and help design additional webpages that have not yet been tested.


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