Clicktale takes home #1 SAP startup prize

We know we are always shouting about how important understanding the customer experience on your website is, but now our peers are shouting it too!

Last month we participated in a worldwide SAP startup Focus program, which hosted the hottest and brightest Israeli startups to come and share their genius with SAP executives. Each presenter had six minutes to convey why their technology is worthy of a first place prize, the naming of the SAP HANA “Best of Show” 2012.

Our very own Jonny Steel went to represent Clicktale and came out with the winning trophy :-) Check out all the highlights of the show in this short video clip below!

More and more online businesses are realizing the power of visitor behavior analysis, providing them with the answers to their A/B testing options, website redesigns, and catering to visitor goals, rather than their own.

The startup community agrees, we certainly agree, and we hope you do too :-)

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