Clicktale launches free priceless plan to help companies understand how customers interact with their websites*

If you have a website, understanding your users is a primary concern to optimize the usability of your online service.

Can you explain precisely the dynamic behavior of your visitors on any of your website pages? Every user has a story and Clicktale™ tells you that story.

Clicktale is now making its product available to everyone by launching the new free Priceless Plan*, and to celebrate, we are giving away three amazing prizes! The Clicktale Priceless Plan offers everyone the possibility to maximize their website's potential, obtain insights about how their visitors interact with their webpages, and increase conversion rates – all for free!

Anyone who signs up for the Priceless plan will benefit, free of charge, from:

  • 5,000 recorded pageviews per month
  • Visitors' recorded sessions
  • Four types of heatmapson all pages - Mouse Move, Mouse Click, Attention & Scroll Reach
  • Full Conversion Funnels
  • Form analytics' key statistics to help optimize online forms


About the Clicktale Competition

All you have to do is first sign up for the Clicktale Priceless Plan, use it, share with us the lessons you learn, the insights you obtain and how you plan to implement any changes, and then send us screenshots of your findings.

1.       First prize – all paid-for expense trip to one of Clicktale’s upcoming user summits for one person + a write-up in Clicktale's social-media pages + 3 hours of free consultation service with one of Clicktale's Customer Experience Experts + one year free subscription to Clicktale  Core's Premium plan.

2.       Second prize – 3-month subscription to Clicktale Core's Premium plan + 2 hours free consultation with one of ClickTale's Customer Experience Experts + a write-up in Clicktale's social-media pages.

3.       Third prize – 3-month free subscription to Clicktale Core Premium plan + a write-up in Clicktale's social-media pages.

Deadline for submission of findings using Clicktale: Friday, December 20, 2013.

Are you ready to optimize your website? Which of the prizes would you like to win most? Please share your thoughts in the comments section or on Twitter or Facebook, where we are always listening.

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* Since the publication of this article Clicktale doesn't offer this option anymore.

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