Cleaner, brighter, smarter: enjoy our new UI

We are happy to announce our newly updated user interface which provides unparalleled insights into your customers' online behavior, yet is easy and fun to use. The new Clicktale UI offers a unified framework which enables quick navigation between different projects and easy access to reports and visitor recordings.

Your entry page is now the Projects page where you can manage all your account functions, create new projects or select an existing project to analyze. A project can be an entire website or just a few webpages that you would like to record and analyze.

Once you select a project, you arrive at its Dashboard page where you can access visitor recordings, search for specific visitors, and access Advanced Analytics reports such as: Heatmaps, Link Analytics and Form Analytics.

You can select a specific recording day from the Dashboard and then easily playback your visitors' entire browsing sessions, change the recording date, sort by referring URL, and more.

Enjoy an updated interface to our Heatmaps which show where visitors pay attention and which areas of the page they skip.

By using our Search with over two dozen criteria, you can find and playback visitor sessions that provide insights into improving conversion rates. For example, find visitors who leave your shopping cart in the middle of a purchase or find visitors that bounce-off your landing pages and fail to convert.

Our revamped UI simplifies the process of generating Heatmaps, Form Analytics and other reports into simple step-by-step guided processes.

Notice the unified framework for all our reports; see for example the Form Analytics UI which helps you optimize your online forms.

If you haven't done so already, we invite you to sign up to Clicktale and try our updated UI for yourself. We are confident you will enjoy using it and benefit from the easy navigation and access to valuable reports and visitor recordings.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, write your feedback below or send us your suggestions.

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