Announcing Clicktale email tracking: extreme visibility into your email campaigns

We are excited to announce the release of Clicktale Email Tracking which enables Clicktale subscribers, like you, to easily track any outgoing email campaign and watch videos of your recipients' actions inside your website. Now you can not only see which recipients actually click on the link you provide but also watch their actions once they arrive to your landing page. To top it off, ClickTale will automatically record these visitors' behavior on all subsequent visits to your website!

Incredibly easy to use, Clicktale Email Tracking provides immediate value to your campaigns by allowing you to track individual visitors (by their email address or other identifiable information) and watch video recordings of their particular sessions. That's not all, you can also monitor how many pages these visitors browsed, how engaged they were and how many of them convert to a sale or any other unique action.

Visitors Tags

Clicktale Email Tracking will help you remove the guesswork involved in verifying the effectiveness of your campaign's landing pages, and get a more solid understanding of how your email recipients are actually responding to your campaign efforts.

Usability Testing Galore

In a previous blog post, we discussed using Clicktale to conduct low cost usability testing. Email Tracking is a great addition to any usability test, allowing you to easily invite your current users to test new landing pages and receive immediate visual feedback.

True Conversion Rates

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of Email Tracking is that it allows you to monitor your actual conversions and not conversions as conveyed by often inflated "click-through" rates. You can visually follow the activities of every visitor who actually arrives at your landing page. Clicktale will record every session your visitor starts, on any page in your site, completely automatically, as well as all future visits from the same visitor.

Easy to Get Going

With Clicktale Email Tracking you won't need to make any code changes to your site. Simply define and add Clicktale Tags to the links, and let Clicktale do the rest. No code manipulation or additional development is needed!

How to setup Clicktale Email Tracking

Setup is simple as it only involves modifying the hyperlink address that leads to the landing page. Simply choose a tag, for example let's call it "MyTag", and add it to a hyperlink as follows:


  • The ?ct= parameter tells the Clicktale Tracking code to process the subsequent commands
  • The enable command means that Clicktale will always record the visitor, even if you are only recording a fraction of visitors to your landing page
  • The t(MyTag) command indicates that "MyTag" is the tag name used to track this campaign

If you are using a Mail Merge tool or an email marketing service, you can add a customer_email variable to identify specific customers as they arrive on your website. Simply add the tag containing the customer_email variable, as follows:


That's it, you're done! Just sit back and watch videos of your customers browsing sessions as they respond to your email campaigns.

You can enjoy the benefits of Clicktale Email Tracking today by subscribing to one of our premium paid plans.

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