5 reasons to invest in customer experience software

Trying to grow an online business has always been about maximizing conversion and retention. Today, with consumers completely overexposed and swimming in options, with countless brands and products in the world of online shopping, what gives businesses the edge is an easy and smooth customer experience that makes the journey as simple and intuitive as possible for the consumer. Get that right, and conversion and retention will follow.

Good customer experience software effortlessly extracts invaluable information directly from your site to facilitate improvement in your user experience. It identifies users’ frustration points and where they get confused or lose trust in the conversion process. It addresses bounce rates, design flaws, CTA effectiveness... the list goes on. This software allows you to start from the beginning and measure experiences first, which will in turn help you make a lot more sense of conversion and retention measurements. Smart organizations are increasingly using data analytics to make better business decisions across the board, enabling real high-level improvements that let them stay ahead of the curve.

Not quite sure of the benefits of a customer experience software? Let’s rundown five reasons why it’s worth it.


Understanding your customers is the bedrock of good marketing. If you know your customers’ motivations, you can use customized marketing and personalized messaging to direct their journey. A customer experience analytics solution can offer insights into your users’ behaviors and unique buying motivations which can then be harnessed to create a more personal experience for your users and yield more conversions and higher retention as a result.

For example, a retail website that has a visitor who is researching for dresses can tailor their landing pages accordingly to promote special offers or discounts that are catered to a woman’s clothing needs and desires. When customers are shown highly relevant and targeted content, conversions are simply more likely to occur.


Using customer experience management software, you will know exactly where your users are in the conversion funnel. This means you can customize the content they see and guide them forward in the conversion process.

Customers hesitating at the early research stages of the buying process are best motivated by information about the specific benefits of your services, or reviews from your customers. However, someone who is already at the final stages of the conversion funnel is more likely to be encouraged by a seamless checkout experience. They could just as easily abandon the entire process due to some unseen hurdles that may otherwise seem insignificant, or viable from a business standpoint. A customer experience analytics solution can show you just what’s going on quickly and efficiently, using information about a visitor’s present location and behavior in the buying cycle to help you home in on your specific and unique set of best practices.


42% of marketers claim that trying to make sense of the data they’ve gathered is the greatest impediment to effective conversion optimization. Large amounts of numbers and stats do no good if you can’t decipher their meaning or extract actionable insight. A customer experience tool can apply data visualization schemes to help you analyze large amounts of data. Now you can easily spot patterns, determine what action should be taken, discover where to reduce spending, predict sales volume, and more.

For example, let’s say 27% of your customers abandon their shopping cart for (seemingly) no reason. By studying the data and comparing the segment that abandoned the cart with the one that proceeded to purchase, (gleaned by your customer analytics software ), you can uncover the very reason that they abandoned their cart. The analysis might show that the 27% got stuck filling out one of the forms, or checked out the shipping terms and discovered something they didn’t understand. In these cases you’ll then have the information you need to make your customers happier and in turn increase the number of purchasers. Win-win.


Not testing soon enough nor frequently enough are some of the most common mistakes made by marketers. Without testing you have no real justification for the design or flow of your site. It may look pretty, it might be based on something else you heard was successful, but until you know for sure that it works, it’s not worth much. Elements must be analyzed, changes must be tested, and pages must be fine-tuned. With the right customer experience platform, you can easily conduct A/B testing, analyze the efficacy of each and every element on your website, and systematically discover which elements within your conversion funnel are working and which are not. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without proper testing.


An A/B test recently revealed that by changing just one word in a call-to-action, a company charted a 90% increase in CTR to the payment page. This is no anomaly. Design and content dramatically influence the effectiveness of a CTA, and customer experience software helps you clearly identify areas of improvement with your CTAs, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant. Knowing where a user’s attention is going on your website and what buttons they click (or not) is crucial for the success and growth of your business.


There are overwhelming benefits that a company stands to gain from utilizing a customer experience analytics solution. Seamless user experience that puts the customer first is the key to attaining long-term high ROI. Whether it be from personalized flows that solve individual issues, or focusing on already-engaged customers, it’s important to consider the significant ROI of a customer experience software.

A customer experience analytics solution can give you the data you need to improve your website’s user experience, increase customer satisfaction, and boost conversions. Once you’ve begun to improve customer experience, it will make sense to then quantify the business impact of those changes. (Thankfully, that’s an in-built feature of certain CX software.)

Start understanding your audience better with this integral technology, make sense of the data you are collecting and use these tools to give your customers a smooth and successful purchasing experience. Everyone’s a winner. Learn more about Clicktale's Customer Experience Management Tools.

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