Tech companies selling cloud-based services, traditional software packages, or hardware know that profitability in the long run comes from keeping customers happy over time, but they often face tough user experience questions on websites and apps:

How can we drive more digital sales?

Are visitors seeing the call-to-action buttons on our product pages? How do we improve the ease-of-use of our cart page or our apps to increase conversions and cross-sell opportunities?

How are customers interacting with our digital products?

As we develop new products, offers and craft digital journeys how are visitors interacting with them? Which products are driving engagement and what is the underlying behavior driving the results of our experimentation and testing?

How can we analyze the behavior of predefined segments?

Marketing teams invest significant time and resources in defining specific customer segments in enterprise tools like Adobe Analytics. Can we drill down into the on-site behavior of any given segment?

How can we optimize form conversions for new leads?

Certain fields may be causing a drop-off in form completions. Are there unnecessary fields that can be removed, or fields causing confusion? How can we pinpoint which fields to optimize on our lead-gen forms? 

Our Customers

Dell is a multinational technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. By understanding how users navigate digital properties, it is driving efficiency and better decision-making, while gaining a true understanding of the importance of data integration – linking customer behavior to financial performance.

With over 13 million customers around the world, GoDaddy gives people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas online. Ana Grace, GoDaddy's director of e-commerce, describes the importance of understanding the customer experience, and how Clicktale is helping with this mission. 


RingCentral is a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, serving over 350,000 businesses worldwide. Working with Clicktale, the company has gained insight into how customers interacted and journeyed through the website, and achieved a 25% increase in conversion rate on one of the main lead generation mechanisms.


Results for us were amazing. We increased page conversion by 4% and with our volume that was a huge, huge increase for some pretty tiny changes. We also tripled our donations to Round Up for Charity. That was a huge win." Director of Ecommerce, Global Product Management, GoDaddy
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