Media and Content

In the crowded content space, every visit counts. Companies make massive investments in driving traffic to maximize advertiser value. But actual user experience and engagement can complicate and negatively impact revenue, raising tough questions:

How can we maximize positive engagement on our site/app?

Not all engagement is good engagement. Does high time on page truly reflect satisfied users?

How can we maximize positive engagement on our site/app?

Referral metrics don’t tell the whole story. How can we know why users really come to our site/app, and which content or elements increased engagement during their time on page or in-app?

Where is the true prime real estate?

To optimize ad placement and performance, not to mention ROI, we need to understand exactly where on our pages users are focusing.

How can we more effectively encourage sharing?

How are visitors interacting with our sharing mechanisms, and could placement be improved?

Our Customers

Virgin Media is the first provider of all four broadband, TV, mobile phone and home phone services in the U.K.  The company’s cable network delivers ultrafast broadband to around half of all U.K. homes, with speeds of up to 152 Mbps, as well as market leading connectivity to thousands of public and private sector organizations across the country.

Condé Nast is a premier media company renowned for producing the highest quality content for the world's most influential audiences. Attracting more than 100 million consumers across its industry-leading print, digital and video brands, the company’s portfolio includes some of the most iconic titles in media: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, BRIDES, SELF, GQ, GQ Style, The New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler, Allure, Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, and WIRED, among others.

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