Frequently asked questions

Fast deployment


Can Clicktale record member-only areas and secure pages?

Yes. Clicktale fully supports any environment that is behind the login and includes visitor specific HTML. In addition, Clicktale provides functionality for blocking any sensitive content in order to ensure that private information is neither transferred from the browser to Clicktale nor recorded in these environments. See our Security Overview for more information on privacy issues. Clicktale also fully supports websites available only in a company's intranet or in other internal applications that are not open to the outside world.

Which browsers do you support?

Clicktale supports recordings of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari on all major operating systems.


Which site architectures do you support?

Clicktale supports any architecture, whether on the client side (AngularJS, ReactJS, bootstrap, etc.) or on the server side (NodeJS, Ruby, Python, etc.).  Clicktale works via an intelligent system that understands a site’s structure, and is therefore agnostic to any site architecture. Clicktale runs on the client side and captures DOM events on the page’s elements for every recorded visitor. Those events are then used to simulate the visitor’s actions during playback or as data to be aggregated for Clicktale's heatmaps and other aggregated reports. This means that Clicktale will also work on platforms such as Wordpress, Magento and others seamlessly.


Does Clicktale work with Flash?

A few simple adjustments to your HTML code will allow Clicktale to work with Flash on a limited basis and enable the recording of mouse movements and clicks over Flash elements. We do not at the moment support dynamic Flash elements or completely Flash based sites, due to the various ways that different browsers handle Flash requests. 


I'm testing my website in an offline development environment. Can I still use Clicktale?

Yes, as long as your environment is connected to the internet, you can use Clicktale in staging and development environments and with your intranet sites.

Getting started

How does Clicktale work?

Clicktale captures every mouse move, click, scroll, taps, zooms, and tilts that a visitor makes within a web page (desktop or mobile), and then sends this information back to the Clicktale servers in a highly compressed package. Our servers receive a snapshot of the web page as experienced by the visitor, and combine it with the visitor's actions to recreate the original browsing session. When you then log in to your Clicktale account you can see visitor recordings, visual heatmaps and other behavioral reports.


Will Clicktale slow down my site?

No. Clicktale has no effect on web page load times or site performance. The Clicktale code is loaded asynchronously at the end of the page and is highly compressed. All files are downloaded using a Content Delivery Network. Files are downloaded asynchronously in the background, and only after the page is rendered. Likewise, user interaction data is sent asynchronously only after the page is rendered. Therefore, there is zero impact on the visitor experience. 


How do I set up Clicktale?

Using a tag manager, the Clicktale tracking code is added to every page you would like to record.


Does Clicktale require any special software?

Clicktale is a hosted service, so no software installation on the server or client side is needed and visitors can browse your website the same way they always have. We use a Content Delivery Network to host the tracking code, ensuring scalability and reliability.


Will Clicktale record all of my visitors?

Clicktale allows each subscriber to select the percentage of their visitors they would like to record. You can choose to record between 0 - 100% of your visitors, however, you can only record up to your monthly recording limit as determined by your subscription plan.


Will Clicktale affect visitors’ browsing experience or page loading times?

Website visitors don’t notice any difference in their browsing experience since Clicktale is optimized for minimal use of CPU and bandwidth resources. The Clicktale tracking code is small and compressed and is delivered via a Content Delivery Network that is extremely fast and reliable. Customers usually choose to record only a small fraction of their total traffic. The Clicktale code is loaded at the end of the page and, therefore, does not affect page load times at all.


Will the Clicktale tracking code interfere with other JavaScript code?

No, Clicktale will not interfere with any other JavaScript code. Clicktale has been used successfully in conjunction with many other analytics and JavaScript packages including: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, JQuery, Prototype, etc.


Privacy assured

How will visitors’ privacy be affected?

By design, Clicktale blocks recording and collection of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) entered by keystroke, as well as any PII as defined by the customer. Clicktale prevents the collection, saving or display of PII via several tools, including:

  • Client-side keystroke block - By default, Clicktale’s Client-Side Keystroke Block ensures that our product only keeps track of when keys are clicked, without keeping track of which keys are clicked. This helps customers ensure that no keystrokes are logged or recorded by our products, nor sent via the network.
  • Client-side HTML rewrite rules – When an HTML page is sent directly from the user’s browser to Clicktale’s servers, any PII in the HTML (as identified by the customer) is removed using standard client-side expressions before it is sent across the network.
  • Server-side HTML block – As a failsafe, Clicktale also offers server-side rewrite rules to remove any PII in HTML as identified by the customer. Thus, even if any PII unintentionally reaches Clicktale’s servers, it is removed before it is stored.
  • PII labeling – Clicktale has developed a tool to identify and block any type of PII before it leaves the visitor’s browser. This tool allows our customers to easily identify PII fields to maintain the highest levels of data privacy.
  • Tagging PII – Customers may also tag sensitive data in the HTML, in order to ensure that any PII in data is removed by the Clicktale parser before being sent to Clicktale’s servers.


Can Clicktale be used to record sensitive personal or financial information?

We require that you block recording of any sensitive personal or financial information about your visitors by using our API (please see our Terms of use, section 5, for more information on this). Breaking these Terms of Use will instantly invalidate your Clicktale subscription and revoke your access to all past, present and future recordings


Do my visitors know they are being recorded?

The recordings process itself is completely transparent to the end user. However, all Clicktale subscribers must put a disclaimer in their Privacy Policy letting their visitors know that they may be recorded. For more information please see our Terms of use.


Can Clicktale track visitors after they leave my site?

No, Clicktale can only track visitors on the specific web pages that contain your Clicktale tracking code.


Can my visitors choose not to be recorded?

Yes, we offer an opt-out option for anyone who does not want to be recorded. This inserts a cookie within your visitor's browser that will prevent them from being recorded by any Clicktale customer.


How secure is my data, and where can I find more information on Clicktale security and privacy policies?

As an enterprise service provider, Clicktale understands that the security of the user data collected and stored by our customers is nothing less than critical. To deliver the peace of mind that our customers deserve, we believe in transparency regarding ClickTale’s security standards and practices, which are constantly evolving to protect against security breaches and provide full confidentiality, data integrity, and availability. As an accreditation for these practices, Clicktale is ISO 27001 certified, and has been since 2013. Our certification ensures the highest international standards and best practices in information security. For more information, please read our Security Overview or download the full Security Data Sheet 


Using Clicktale

Can I use Clicktale to find bugs in my website?

Yes, Clicktale provides a Most Errors Page Report to help you find which pages are generating the most JavaScript errors. In addition, Clicktale can show you when a visitor encounters an error and which line of your site code is generating the error.


How is Clicktale different from traditional web analytics?

Most traditional web analytics tell you where visitors come from and which pages they go to within your site. We tell you everything your visitors do inside those web pages using playable videos of customers’ entire browsing sessions as well as powerful visual heatmaps and behavioral reports.


Does Clicktale provide aggregated data about links and visitors?

Yes, Clicktale provides several reports based on aggregated visitor data. These reports include our HeatmapsLink Analytics, and Form Analytics among others.