Light up the digital world

Clicktale reveals consumer behavior, needs and intent at every touchpoint of the digital conversation, delivering insights to delight customers and create more value.

Knowevery customer

Our powerful customer experience management platform enables you to experience your website and apps as your customers do. Understand their needs and their goals, and discover the barriers that make it difficult to achieve them.

Transformdata into meaning

Exponentially increase return on your marketing technology investments. Uncover the meaning behind customer analytics data and translate it into actionable insights.

Impactbusiness results

Improve customer success and deliver significant value for your business. Eliminate rough spots in the customer journey and find new ways to help each customer succeed.

Superior Accuracy on User Behavior

Make the right decision every time, based on patented customer behavior technology that’s the most accurate on the market.

World-Class Behavioral Experts

Partner with our consulting and digital psychology teams to gain industry expertise and best practices to win your market.

Enterprise-Scale Platform

Limitless scalability with a cloud-based platform built to handle the most complex websites and trillions of in-screen behaviors.

Ironclad Security & Privacy

Ensure the highest standards with frequent security audits, maximum privacy policies, and ISO 27001 certification.

If I work at a company with great Adobe or Google Analytics, I’d strongly insist on adding Clicktale. The data shows the action, but Clicktale gives me the picture of the consumer journey. One is just not complete without the other.
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