Why ClickTale?

Why do enterprises choose ClickTale?
Why ClickTale - Trust

People are more than data.

ClickTale provides the world’s leading brands with deep and actionable customer behavior insights. In the past decade, we’ve grown conversions for our Fortune 500 customers by over 300%. Our technology, innovation, and expertise provide a uniquely personal perspective on what resonates best with your users and how to improve the digital customer experience.

  • Proven results - Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, MetLife, Lenovo, The North Face, Adobe and more, trust ClickTale to optimize the customer experience for the tens of millions of website visitors they receive every month. We’ve optimized over 100,000 websites in more than 90 countries, and we analyze over 100 billion in-screen behaviors per month.
  • Know your users - Our true-to-life heatmaps and session replays offer deep drill down and valuable insights for any device: mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Ironclad data security - Our ISO 27001 compliance ensures the highest standards and best practices in information security.
  • Pioneering and leading - In 2006, we created the category of Digital Customer Experience (DCX) analysis, and we’ve been leading the field ever since.
Why ClickTale - Tech

Innovation is a way of life.

We’ve never stopped pushing the boundaries of the attainable, and as such we’re the most advanced enterprise-grade solution on the market. But don’t just take our word for it, our Fortune 500 success stories are the best proof.

  • Enterprise-grade - Our patented cloud-based SaaS platform serves billions of visitor sessions per month, boasts a negligible browser footprint, and is completely elastic.
  • DNA of innovation - We invented platform-agnostic session replays, and pioneered the interactive and side-by-side heatmaps that enable drill-down to each individual visitor session. We’re always looking forward, and our product team is already preparing the next generation of digital customer experience solutions.
  • Adding value - Our deep integration with over 50 leading enterprise software vendors adds measurable value to traditional analytics, A/B testing and VoC partners like Adobe, Maxymiser, Opinion Lab, and more.
  • Maximum customer privacy - We use only 1st party cookies to guarantee the anonymity of site visitors, and we never record, transmit, save, or display Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Why ClickTale - Success

Your success is our success.

Digital customer experience is the lifeblood of your organization. It’s also the key to your success. From pre-sales, to onboarding and ongoing use – our cutting-edge tools are complemented by uncompromising enterprise-class service.

  • Dedicated consulting - Dedicated CX consultants work closely with you on-site and remotely to meet and exceed your business goals.
  • Deep industry expertise - Our industry-specific analysis provides benchmarks and relevant best practices for your business.
  • A new behavioral perspective - We deliver actionable site optimization insights based on cutting-edge behavioral analyses and web psychology.
  • Seamless ramp-up - We provide expert, hands-on training in your offices - even to multiple-locations – enabling you to maximize system ROI.