Quantify business impact

Identify specific behaviors, patterns, paths, and issues in your pages, business flows and forms, and quickly quantify effect.

Path Analytics

Innovate superior experiences. 

Path Analytics brings better experiences to market faster and helps attain amazing results by quantifying the impact of visitor behaviors and uncovering paths leading to success. Identify problematic behaviors in session recordings, and pinpoint the critical junctures or patterns leading people away from converting.


Conversion Analytics

Gain qualitative CRO insights with high ROI. 

Our Conversion Analytics suite helps you discover what’s working and what’s not in your funnel and forms. Visualize and map where users are dropping off, what they’re doing after they leave, and how best to get them back on the optimal path to increase conversion rates. Review step-by-step conversion analyses to see how many visitors reached and interacted with your app or web form, how many tried (but failed) to submit, and how many successfully completed it.


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