Quantify impact and innovate superior experiences. 

Bring better experiences to market faster with Path Analytics. Quantify impact of visitor behaviors and uncover paths leading to success.

Path Identification

Visualize, quantify and optimize customer journeys for better experiences.

Find in-page paths, behavioral patterns and critical junctures that lead to or derail conversions or engagement, and get insights on how to guide customers back in the right direction. Uncover previously unknown paths with significant impact, and investigate problematic paths or specific elements on the page.


Path Identification image

Path Quantification

Identify specific behaviors and quickly quantify effect.

Mark interesting online behaviors or interaction sequences in session replays, and then instantly view all similar sessions. Create ad-hoc segments – no IT necessary – to quantify frequency of an online behavior and its financial impact. Track the behavior or path as a new KPI in the Experience Center to measure trends. Dramatically reduce time spent quantifying the impact of problems/opportunities, then monitor future interactions to see if the issue has been resolved.

Path Quantification image
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