Determine customer intent 

With Psychological Analytics, uncover hidden factors behind customer satisfaction levels to optimize for success.

Measure experience effectiveness.

Understand how each page – and your entire site – affects visitors so you can optimize to create more successful experiences. Transform visitors’ digital body language into experience wins and meaningful business outcomes.

In a physical store, a good salesperson can determine what to offer a customer based on his or her body language. Psychological Analytics enables you to analyze intent similarly on digital channels. 

Discover which elements encourage positive behaviors.

Independent of previous buyer behavior, through consumer psychology you can sense whether a visitor is goal-oriented, browsing, disoriented, or exhibiting a different state of mind. You can even tell if a particular page on your site changes the visitor’s state of mind negatively or positively.

On the site level, correlate visitors’ states of mind with KPIs across your site, and identify and engender optimal states of mind to achieve maximum satisfaction.

On the page level, measure effectiveness of the experience you’re trying to provide: Are visitors disinterested or confused, or do they seem to be exploring, engaged or focused on your optimum goal for the page? Uncover the distribution of various mindsets, and discover which elements on the page encourage positive behaviors.

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