Advanced insights

Surface key data and trends about your site to get clear direction on how you can improve customer experience and increase conversions.

Site Efficiency Tools

Monitor site health and trends to ensure smooth performance.

Understand the challenges your users encounter due to Javascript errors and slow loading times and gain insight into different types of bounces. Discover which pages are the most and least engaging, how long visitors are spending on the site, and which pages they’re leaving from. Get trend reports on pageviews, errors, demographics and every aspect of site health, so you can proactively make changes to improve user experience.


Javascript Errors Report

Identify client-side errors and learn how to fix them.

Dive deep into every JavaScript error on your site: per page, per browser and per JS file. Drill down to heatmaps to get an aggregated view and session replays to see how individuals experienced the error. Discover the line in the code that needs to be fixed, and how urgent the problem is.

Bounce Ratio Report

Ascertain if you’re bringing the right traffic to your website.

Get the most out of your marketing spend by detecting and addressing bounces as soon as your first campaign visitors arrive on the site. Examine what’s causing visitors to bounce by drilling down to session replays to view the journeys within the page.

Site health console

Get a reading of your overall site performance.

Gain an overview of pageviews per visitor, plus best and worst performing pages in terms of user engagement and load times.

Trends Report

View trends and distribution graphs on key site elements.

Understand trends and view distribution analyses of pageviews, user engagement, mouse moves and clicks/taps, and JavaScript errors.


Demographic Report

Understand where your users are coming from.

View a distribution of your users: by country, language, operating system, browser and screen resolution. Drill-down to see why users from a particular segment may be experiencing challenges.

Page Console

Start your analysis with a snapshot of the key trends and KPIs of each page.

Get instant access to all the critical business information for a specific page or groups of pages. From one screen, view user engagement and page activity statistics, thumbnails of heatmaps, and indications of errors. Drill down to session replays, discover your users’ behavior flow, and use advanced filters to see the entire overview for a specific segment.

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