The world's #1 in digital customer experience

Clicktale reveals consumer behavior, needs, and intent at every touchpoint of the digital conversation between you and your customers. Web, mobile or apps, our unparalleled insights enable the world’s leading brands to optimize user engagement and delight every customer.

Get high ROI-based insights across all digital platforms 

No need to wade through mountains of data to glean user insights. Clicktale proactively crystalizes quick wins and ongoing usability improvements. We hold up a mirror to your website and apps to show you what’s working and what’s not, and most importantly, why.

Engage every user

Good companies use data all the time, but great companies understand each and every customer. From high-fidelity, data-rich heatmaps to individual session replays, Clicktale helps you empathize with your users, understand their intent, and reengage those in danger of slipping away.


Reduce customer frustration

Whether it’s finding those nasty Javascript errors or figuring out why your app is crashing, Clicktale does the heavy-lifting. From high-level strategies to practical reports and hands-on tips, we help reduce frustration and keep your users happy

Accelerate optimization and testing

Get faster, more conclusive results. We speed up your A/B and multivariate testing optimization cycles, telling you where to start, showing you the impact of every option, and helping you identify your next testing target.


+ 3% Conversion


+ 12% Conversion

Transform information into intelligence

Clicktale provides context to the data you’re getting from your existing marketing ecosystem, including all of your favorite optimization, VoC and analytics tools. Our patented, proven cloud technology, coupled with deep consumer behavioral analysis helps you turn visitors into loyal, engaged customers.

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