The effectiveness of trendy website design

About to Implement That New Trendy Web Design? Think Again.

Trendy new web designs may be all the rage. But do they really work? And should we take the time and expense to implement them?
The truth is that not all new designs are actually compatible with how our brains are hard-wired. That’s because the surface meaning of your site’s elements affect how visitors interact with the page -- and more importantly, how they feel about it.

In this research article, Clicktale Web Psycholost Dr. Liraz Margalit together with Customer Experience Consultant Udi Zisquit, explain how:

  • Vertical page layout is superior to horizontal page layout (with evidence from heatmaps)
  • Our brains produce pleasure-inducing dopamine when we recognize familiar patterns on a webpage
  • Recognizable shapes and objects are essential to producing a positive overall digital customer experience
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