Trust in the data: how to engender analytics trust

Trust is the key to building an organizational culture that not only believes in web analytics findings, but can confidently act on this belief.

Creating a culture of trust surrounding your web analytics data is part science, part organizational art. Reliable and accurate data is the driving force behind this trust – and but obtaining it is no small task in today’s dynamic web ecosystem.

When your site changes for each visitor – or at least each user segment - how can you be sure you’re seeing actual engagement statistics? How can you be sure that your optimization investments are based on accurate data?

In this Clicktale webinar, you’ll learn how to reliably validate the accuracy of your web analytics data - using the right tools to nurture trust and impact the bottom line.

Join Dieter Davis, Senior Optimization Consultant, formerly of Expedia and Nike, and Tomer Laks, Director of Client Relations of Clicktale, for a journey to the nexus of analytics, data, and trust.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • Why trust in data is important and what happens when it is absent?
  • How can accuracy be evaluated to boost trust in data.
  • How using aggregated and granular data analysis increases trust.
  • How Clicktale can help nurture trust within the organization.
  • Real-life examples of how trust in data drives success.
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