Brady Corp. tells the story of test results as explained by DCX

One of the most popular product categories on is Signs. With the goal of improving conversion rates, analyzed Clicktale heatmaps to identify the areas that visitors engaged with most, and ran a multivariate test on three of the most influential sections of the page.

The test was aimed at optimizing the number of visitors who continue from this step to eventually converting successfully. tested the text on the main banner, removing the 'Design Your Own' Online button, and centering the 'Find-a-Sign' search. As the multivariate test got underway, quickly encountered some unexpected customer behavior. Whenever the 'Find-a-Sign' search was centered, the conversion rate dropped.

“We couldn’t understand why the change in position of this search should have such a dramatic influence on the success of the page, By visualizing the online behavior of visitors who had experienced the different versions within the multivariate test, we were able to understand not only what was happening on the site, but most importantly, why."

Gwen LaFleur, Website Optimization Manager, Brady Corp.

Watch webinar with Gwen LaFleur, telling the story of how the optimization team at Brady Corp. used the Clicktale-Maxymiser integration to understand why visitors behaved differently on each of the tested versions. 

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